I Desperately Want These Hilarious Fake Car Ads To Be Real

A trademark of the modern automotive industry is a distinct lack of anything resembling a funny bone. Thankfully, the humor wizards at Sniff Petrol have created some seriously awesome fake car advertisements for your weekend viewing amusement. » 4/18/15 8:00am Today 8:00am

eBay Challenge: The Best Pickups For Less Than $10,000

Whether you live out in the boondocks or in a densely-packed city, there's always something that you'd need to do that would perfectly suit a pickup truck. This week's challenge is to find the best examples of utility, dependability, and brute strength with a bed in the back for under $10,000 on eBay. I'm getting a… » 4/17/15 7:00pm Yesterday 7:00pm

How Would You Spec Your One Of A Kind Dodge Viper GTC?

In an effort to boost Viper sales, Dodge announced it was offering a GTC trim that could be configured and painted to exactly what the customer wanted, making each car unique. Once a configuration is built, Dodge won’t make another. The GTC online configurator just launched; prepare to have your productivity ruined. » 4/17/15 7:54am Yesterday 7:54am

Sweet Jesus, You Can Buy This Barn Find Honda Civic With Pocket Change

In the '50s, a Japanese car was roughly equivalent to lining your lunchbox with asbestos; it was only a matter of time before it killed you. However, by the '70s, Japan got its shit together and created gems like this original Honda Civic, one of the most reliable, frugal, and characterful cars ever made. Here's… » 4/17/15 12:39am Yesterday 12:39am

Man Makes Awesome Video, Still Can't Sell His Ford Taurus

An Omaha man is trying to sell his 2002 Ford Taurus for $3,000 on Craigslist. Rather than just take a few pictures and write a description, he decided to give Ford's best selling sedan the attention it deserves with a pretty impressive video. He has gotten a lot of press, but no offers for some odd reason. » 4/16/15 2:20pm Thursday 2:20pm

How To Take Spectacular Driving Pictures Inside Your Car, By Yourself

For those of you following my escapades, a short while ago I drove Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus LS400 from New Jersey To Los Angeles. Here's a secret: Driving through most of America can get mind-numbingly boring. Here's how to take some great pictures in the meantime and curb the monotony. » 4/16/15 2:00pm Thursday 2:00pm

Buy This Monstrous C63 AMG For Way Less Than The Price Of A Honda Accord

Behold, the last true hanger-on to the ill-fated "murdered-out" fad in the late 2000s - this menacing Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. The saving grace of this car is twofold: It's humorously cheap, and it houses a 451 horsepower V8 engine that converts the rear tires into smoke. Poseurs, stay home. » 4/15/15 3:30pm Wednesday 3:30pm

Here Are Your Craziest Mechanic Shop Horror Stories

Let's face it: most of us aren't qualified to wrench on our automobiles. That's why the usual course of action is to recruit a trusted mechanic to take care of our car's oily bits. However, some mechanics are less than scrupulous and are borderline full-on scam artists. Here are some of the most insane… » 4/15/15 12:30pm Wednesday 12:30pm

How I Prepped A Lexus With 900,000 Miles To Drive From New Jersey To LA

Before one sets off on any reasonably long automotive journey, it's important to kick tires and check fluids. However, when you're staring down the barrel of 1,000,000 miles on the odometer, it pays to be a little more cautious. Here's how I made sure that I (hopefully) wouldn't be left stranded in the bad… » 4/14/15 2:00pm Tuesday 2:00pm

Ten Of The Best Beater Cars You Can Buy On eBay For Less Than $3,000

Last week, I posed a question that would challenge the very pinchiest of penny pinching bargain hunters - can you find a dependable beater for less than $3,000 on eBay? The answer was a resounding YES. This may have been my favorite challenge yet. » 4/13/15 2:00pm Monday 2:00pm

This Cheap V10 Audi R8 Spyder Had A Rough Past, But Do You Really Care? 

There are two basic schools of thought when it comes to exotic cars: People who wash them with cashmere animal diapers in pristine hermetically-sealed bubbles, and people who drive them like their hair is on fire more often than not. If you're the latter, this V10 Audi R8 Spyder is for you, regardless of the car's… » 4/12/15 8:00am 4/12/15 8:00am

Will This Cheap Barn Find Mercedes Be Worth Millions If Restored? 

The Mercedes 300SL Gullwing is perhaps one of the most sought-after cars ever made, with multi-million dollar asking prices on the most humble of examples. The wake of the car's crazy appreciation also brings up values of sibling cars like this barn find 190SL convertible, which is on its way to possibly be the next… » 4/10/15 3:23pm 4/10/15 3:23pm

eBay Challenge: Best Beater Cars For Less Than $3,000

Not everyone is born with silver spoons in their mouths and titanium paddle shifters at their fingertips - dues must be paid with sweat equity and the humility of driving a beater. That's why this week, I'm asking all of you to find the most dependable, frugal and characterful cars on eBay for less than a $3,000… » 4/10/15 11:45am 4/10/15 11:45am