What's The Most Technologically Complex Cheap Used Car You Can Buy Today?

I love cars that that serve as rolling science projects. It’s just something about the ways that auto manufacturer find solutions to problems that didn’t need fixing. So here’s a question: what’s the most technologically advanced used car you can buy that wouldn’t break the budget? » 8/26/15 2:38pm Wednesday 2:38pm

What To Do If Something Gets Stolen From Your Car While It's In The Shop

I have written previously about what to do if your car is damaged while in for service. The Garagekeeper Liability Act is the law in Michigan which shifts the burden onto the shop for damage that happens to your car while it is in their possession, and many states have similar statutes. But what about stuff stolen… » 8/26/15 10:23am Wednesday 10:23am

You Can Buy This Ferrari-Whooping Truck For The Price Of A Used Civic

Imagine this - you’re driving home on a cool summer night, your tape deck blasting Holy Diver when you come across a hungry Ferrari 348ts in the wrong neighborhood. If you bought this awesome GMC Typhoon, you could blow the Ferrari’s doors rightly off, then laugh maniacally because your whole car cost less than the… » 8/25/15 2:09am Tuesday 2:09am

You Can Buy A Brand New Aston Martin DBS For $200k Off Its Original Price

For those of you that think that my advice always comes with greasy and expensive strings attached, here’s the rebuttal to every one of your long-winded comment tirades. It’s a brand new Aston Martin DBS that not only still has a factory warranty, but has a price tag that was sliced in half and then some. Save your… » 8/23/15 1:32pm 8/23/15 1:32pm

Does This Crazy Rough Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX Deserve To Be Saved? 

There’s a difficult pain that all car enthusiasts go through when they see an otherwise stellar car in dire straits because of the horrible decisions of its current or previous owners. In particular, this Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX is exactly that. Does it deserve a restoration by a caring enthusiast? I think it… » 8/22/15 1:06am 8/22/15 1:06am

No, You Don't Have To Be A Millionaire And Pay Cash To Buy A New Car

Dave Ramsey is a financial guru to many people. His advice has helped millions get free from crushing debt. This is a good thing for those folks struggling to get by. Unfortunately, Mr. Ramsey, like many of his financial advisor colleagues, is a little too uptight about letting you buy a new car.
» 8/21/15 10:26am 8/21/15 10:26am

Why Buy A BMW M6 When This Gorgeous Audi R8 Is $32,000 Less? 

There is no reason to buy a luxury or sports car new, unless it’s going to be the car you’re voluntarily buried in. Case in point - this spectacular example of an Audi R8 with looks that eclipse any modern hypercar, the practicality of a daily driver and a price on par with an entry-level sports coupe. Ladies and… » 8/19/15 3:54pm 8/19/15 3:54pm

Were There Any Legitimately Bad Cars Made In The Last Decade? 

Cars today are nearly homogenous in that they’re rolling tributes to practicality, frugality, safe-ish understeer, dampened throttle response and five star safety ratings. With manufacturing processes improving every day, it’s becoming nearly impossible to say a car truly sucks without deferring to pure preference.… » 8/19/15 3:01pm 8/19/15 3:01pm

Quit Blaming The Dealer For Your Low Trade-In Offer

Over the last few weeks, I’ve spent approximately 16 hours on commercial airplanes. This has given me ample time to read a wide range of automotive dealership complaints written by the kind of people who believe Applebee’s is fine dining. They seem to believe dealers are at fault for low trade-in offers. They’re wrong. » 8/18/15 2:51pm 8/18/15 2:51pm

How Much Does A Car's Mileage Really Matter To You? 

I’m of a particular mindset, in which the mileage of a car not only doesn’t factor into a purchase consideration, but the more miles the car has, the better it tends to be. However, I’ve noticed that these views have become increasingly controversial, so I pose this question to my readers and long time lurkers - does… » 8/17/15 2:43pm 8/17/15 2:43pm

This Super Cheap Vintage Porsche Is The Fixer-Upper You've Been Waiting For 

The best time to get into a vintage Porsche was ten years ago. The next best time is now. Not only are prices skyrocketing for well-worn examples, rough cars like this 1966 912 can still be had for a little bit of cash and a little bit of elbow grease. Ok, a-lotta bit of elbow grease. » 8/17/15 1:47pm 8/17/15 1:47pm

eBay Challenge: Best Road Trip Cars For Less Than $15,000

It’s the end of August, which means that it’s time to cash in those vacation days and/or unemployment bucks and splurge on a road trip where the journey is the destination. But what car is best? Your mission this week is to find the best car for a long road trip under a $15k budget. Holiday Rooooooaaaaad! » 8/17/15 1:01pm 8/17/15 1:01pm

It Doesn't Matter That The New Tacoma Isn't Better Than The Old One

The new Tacoma is a good truck, it’s not a great truck. Toyota has the money and resources to make a mid-size pickup that would knock it out of the park. But despite serious competition from GM, Toyota bunted on this pitch. The took the base hit because they didn’t have to swing any harder. » 8/17/15 10:39am 8/17/15 10:39am

Chevrolet Tells Corvette Z06 Owners To Change Oil After First 500 Miles

The 2015 Corvette Zo6 is a tire shredding, exotic-slaying monster on the track and the street, but it’s had a few issues out of the gate. Some owners have reported serious engine issues and one journalist experienced complete engine failure during a test. To prevent damage, Chevrolet is telling owners to change their… » 8/15/15 9:11am 8/15/15 9:11am