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Now You Can Buy The Most Jalopnik Car In Human History

In a world of Hellcats and million-horsepower ultracars, it's nice to have something that just works, without being garish, flashy, or overtly outlandish. Here's a charming little French wagon that would put a smile on the face of anyone's inner Jalop. Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the Earth. » 8/20/14 1:40pm 49 minutes ago

Here's Ten More Future Classics Under $20k That Could Make You Money

A few weeks ago, I asked what cars on eBay under $20k are due to appreciate in the coming years, and you replied with 10 gems that have drained my bank accounts, credit cards, and emergency piggy bank. Having said that, here's 10 more cars that could make you some real cash: » 8/20/14 1:30pm 59 minutes ago

Sonic Automotive Will Challenge CarMax With Used Car Franchises

CarMax has used some effective marketing to position itself as a "cut above" your traditional used car lot. The jury is still out on whether or not CarMax gives you the best value, but their business model is very successful. Now Sonic Automotive wants part of the action. » 8/20/14 9:51am Today 9:51am

Audi Owner Furious After Mechanic Took His Car Home For The Weekend

When you drop your car off for service, you leave with the assumption that the car will stay at the dealership, and not be "borrowed" by one of the technicians. One Canadian Audi owner had his car "missing" from the dealership and would not get an answer until the cops were called. » 8/19/14 9:00am Yesterday 9:00am

Hookers, Killers, And Spies: More Of The Craziest Car Buyers

Last week gave I you dealerships folks an opportunity to tell the most off-the-wall and unbelievable customer stories. What surprised me the most is the amount of criminals that make their way into the showroom. So I decided to dedicate an entire post to some of the more unsavory characters. » 8/18/14 12:00pm Monday 12:00pm

Here's The Insanely Rare BMW E30 M3 Barn Find Of Your Dreams

If you're like me, the closest thing to a realized dream would be buying a piece of old property and uncovering some forgotten relic of automotive history. That's why this ultra-rare BMW E30 M3 Roberto Revaglia Europameister on eBay is the definition of a dream come true. » 8/17/14 10:30am Sunday 10:30am

Olympic Wrestler Faces Charges For Shooting Deer At Car Dealership

I don't know much about hunting, but I do know something about car dealerships. So I'm fairly certain that when you "make a killing" at a dealer, you don't mean you put an arrow through Bambi. Apparently, Olympic wrestler Dremiel Byers has a different understanding than I do. » 8/16/14 12:00pm Saturday 12:00pm

Five Reasons Why You Need To Buy A BMW Z3 M Right Now

The old adage goes: Fast, Cheap, Reliable - pick any two. Although I appreciate the sentiment, allow me to knock that outdated phrase into the middle of next week. I present the BMW Z3 M, a car that's not only fast, cheap, and reliable, but impressive everywhere else. Here are a few reasons why you should buy one » 8/15/14 2:00pm Friday 2:00pm

What Would You Buy Instead Of A Mercedes G63 AMG?

Our Truck Yeah! man Andrew drove the $136,625 Mercedes G63 AMG, he was less than thrilled with it. Anytime an automaker charges over 100 grand for an SUV, it better be amazing. I'm really more of a wagon guy, but if I were going to spend that kind of dough on a luxury truck, I say the only choice is Cayenne Turbo. » 8/14/14 6:15pm Thursday 6:15pm

Boobs, Beatdowns and Chicken Buckets: These Are The Craziest Car Buyers

Pretty much everyone buys a car at some point in time. Car dealers face folks from all walks of life that come into that showroom. Most of the time a dealer will help a buyer select a car, go on a test drive, and negotiate pricing, but sometimes some real characters make their way onto the lot. » 8/14/14 12:45pm 8/14/14 12:45pm